Sacred Heart Primary School

Admissions Procedure

If you wish to enrol your child in Sacred Heart Primary School you must complete an enrolment form (available from our secretary 028 8224 4614) and return it with your child’s birth certificate to the school. A copy of the school’s Admission Criteria can be found in the EANI’s Primary Schools Admission’s Guide.

Parents of  Primary One children will receive an invitation to an induction day when they will receive an Induction Booklet. This details all aspects of school life for parents whose child is a first child at the school, the opportunity to see the school facilities, when their child can visit the school and meet their teacher in what will be their first classroom.

Class Size and Composition

In line with DENI guidelines,  Foundation and Key Stage 1 class sizes in Sacred Heart Primary School do not exceed 30 pupils. The average number of pupils per class at present is  26. This low pupil/teacher ratio in the early years ensures more quality learning time for your child and the school and governors remain committed to trying to maintain this low pupil/teacher ratio where financially possible.