Tuesday, 11th January 2022


We extend a warm welcome back to all our pupils after the Christmas break.  We trust that Santa successfully made it to all homes in Tattyreagh and that the season was one of great joy for all families.


Application forms for parents planning to enrol their child in P.1 next September are available online at www.eani.org.uk/admissions.  Should you be aware of anyone with a child in this age group, please remind them that completed application forms need to be submitted online by Friday, 28th January 2022.


We welcome in to our school community the Ostrowski family.  We hope that Marcel, Lukasz and Oliwia enjoy many happy years at Sacred Heart P.S.


Milk will start again this Thursday (13th) with a cost of £10 per pupil up to Easter.  Money should be sent in by Thursday.


A gentle reminder that anyone who feels their child may be entitled to free school meals/uniforms can make enquiries to the Meals & Uniform Section at EA (tel. 8241 1496).  The criteria for these benefits change continually so it may be well worth an enquiry.


Just a little reminder at the beginning of our new term to be vigilant as to the possibility of headlice in your child’s/children’s hair.  Whilst there have been no recent incidences, it remains important to keep vigilant so as to keep any such cases to a minimum.