School Restart Information 18/8/20

What Pupils Should Bring:

P.1/2 – rubber, colouring pencils, markers, pritt stick, tissues

P.3-7 – pritt stick type glue, pencil(s), sharpener, rubber, highlighters, colouring pencils, markers, packet of tissues

(these items will be kept in a plastic wallet in school with your child’s name on it)

  • School bags & pencil cases are not needed at this stage
  • If your child is bringing a packed lunch please use a hard plastic lunch box as opposed to the softer pliable type
  • Initially PE gear should be worn to school on PE days, although your child may slip on a school sweater and tracksuit bottoms when felt necessary. PE days will be confirmed at the start of term.  

Other Useful Information

  • Sadly, parents are not permitted within school grounds unless by appointment. Our new P.1 starters will be given some degree of flexibility over their 1st few days at school. Your teacher, can of course be contacted via telephone between 3.15 – 3.45pm.
  • Unfortunately at this time we cannot offer Wrap-Around-Care. Melanie remains hopeful that this may change in the near future.
  • Our ‘internal’ P.1/2 after-school facility for pupils up to 3.15pm will still be available. Cost is £2 daily (£1 for any additional sibling)
  • To ensure our protective bubbles remain intact the school doors will not open until 8.45am; this is purely to try to accommodate working parents to some degree – please do not send your child in any earlier than is necessary.       Class commences at 9.15am.
  • There will be slight changes at home time to enable staggering.      

Parents are respectfully asked to observe 2 metre social distancing at the school gate.

P.1 – P.2 2.15pm
P.3 – P.4 3.10pm
P.5/P.6/P.7 3.15pm
  • Please note that school dinners will not be available until Tuesday, 1st September so packed lunches will be required for Thurs. 27th, Fri. 28th and Mon. 31st Aug.
  • Further info about how to pay safely etc. will be issued next week.
  • Homework initially will be in electronic form. Parental support for homework remains more crucial than ever, so please try to take time to sit with your child during this time. Anyone in need of devices should contact the school to discuss.
  • Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell. If your child complains of feeling unwell, parents will be contacted immediately. Please ensure any change in mobile numbers, work numbers etc. are relayed to school at the start of term.

Please note that this is a guide to how we aim to begin our educational restart. It will be tweaked and modified over time, as we see what things are working or in need of change. Some things will impact significantly on what was once your ‘normal routine’ and for that we apologise. Nevertheless, we appreciate your support as we embark on our journey back to school and a different kind of normal.