P2 – P7 Return to School Arrangements

6th August 2020

Dear Parent


Following the long awaited guidance from Education Minister, Mr Weir, this letter is to clarify return to school arrangements for pupils for the next academic year.  Given that schools in the Republic of Ireland were allocated an additional €375million to help manage their return to school, we had naturally been hoping for some similar kind of emergency funding to alleviate class-size pressures etc but at this stage the Minister has made clear that no such funding is available.  Naturally this puts pressure on the school to deliver the curriculum effectively whilst at the same time, be as mindful as possible of the health implications.


Nevertheless, the school will endeavour to ensure that all pupils return to school for face to face teaching for the new academic year.  Given that P.7’s have already been asked to return to school, week commencing Monday, 24th August, we feel that it would be an ideal opportunity for other pupils (P2 – P6) to ‘dip their toes’ in a phased return and in doing so, enable us to assess the effectiveness of subtle changes to normal school life which will be introduced.  P1 pupils will start school the following week (week commencing Monday, 31st August).

So to summarise –


Mon. 24th, Tue. 25th, Wed. 26th August    P2 – P7 pupils    9.15 – 12.15pm (No dinner available)


Thurs. 27th, Fri. 28th August                          P2 – P7 pupils    9.15 – 2.15pm (P2)

                                                                                                            9.15 – 3.15pm (P3 – P7)


Mon. 31st August                                             P1 pupils              9.15 – 12.00pm

                                                                             P2 – P7 pupils    usual school day


At the time of writing, our Wrap-Around Care facility is not guaranteed as Melanie awaits further guidance; obviously this issue will be clarified asap.

In conclusion, this communication is simply to outline the return to school dates.  There will be further communication week commencing Monday, 17th August outlining other charges to what would have been considered ‘the norm’.


Yours sincerely

Jarlath McElholm