P1 Starting Arrangements

7th August 2020

Dear Parent


Following the long awaited guidance from Education Minister, Mr Weir, we are now in a position to confirm starting arrangements for our new P1 pupils. Existing pupils have been invited back to school a week early (24th Aug) in a phased return, so as to make them familiar with Covid 19 related changes from what would have been their normal school experience. 


P1 pupils will commence school on Monday 31st August 2020


For many years we have found it beneficial for our P1 pupils to begin school life with a shorter day as they “dip their toes” into the formalities of school life. For this reason, P.1 pupils will finish their schooling at 12.00pm for the initial settling-in period upto 11th September 2020. Pupils therefore do not need to bring in dinner money or packed lunches during this period.

The normal school day (upto 2.15pm) will commence from Monday 14th September 2020.


To summarise P1 key dates:


Mon. 31st Aug – 11th Sept                                                             9.15am – 12.00pm

Mon 14th Aug Onwards                                                              9.15am-2.15pm


Unfortunately, at the time of writing, our Wrap-Around Care facility can not be guaranteed as our wrap around leader, Melanie, awaits further guidance from our governing authorities; obviously this issue will be clarified asap.

In conclusion, this communication is simply to outline the return to school dates.  There is to be more guidance issued by the Education Minister towards the end of the week and I will issue further communication on week commencing 17th August outlining the practicalities of this guidance and how it will impact on what would have been considered the norms of school life.


Yours sincerely

Jarlath McElholm