P1 Starters 31st Aug. ’20 Arrangements/Timetable

Dear Parent


As you are aware your P.1 child will be commencing school next Monday, 31st August. Normally parents would accompany their child to the classroom for the first few days of their school journey.

Unfortunately, the current Covid 19 pandemic has forced changes to be made to ensure that our social bubbles can be maintained as far as possible. As a result, we are operating a staggered start on Monday morning in order to avoid any unnecessary over-crowding of ‘visitors’ to the classroom bubble. We respectfully ask that you (1 adult only) bring your P.1 child to Mrs Breen’s classroom at the allocated time and leave as promptly as possible before the next group of allocated pupils arrive. We do not wish to cause unnecessary offence, but parents will be asked to leave if overstaying.

Parents will be permitted to bring new starters in to the school up to Friday, 4th September (if necessary) but thereafter P.1 pupils must try to make their own way from the front door. Be assured that there will be plenty of adult support for the earliest days to ensure that our new P.1’s adapt to school life as smoothly as possible.

As mentioned previously, school will end for P.1 pupils at 12.00pm for the first 2 weeks (Fri. 11th). Pupils will be brought to the front door where they can be met by their parent/carer who should wait at the entrance to the school grounds.

Pupils are permitted to bring some fruit/veg for a snack with water/milk as a drink.

All other restart arrangements can be found on our school website www.sacredheartprimary.com but if you have any queries feel free to contact the school on 8224 4614.

I look forward to seeing you and your child on Monday morning.

Your sincerely


Jarlath McElholm





9.00am           Saoirse Gormley

                        Aine McKeown

                        Oisín McCarney

                        Aoibheann Donnelly


9.10am           Anna Mullan

                        Caitlin McElduff

                        Cathal McCusker

                        John Gilmurray


9.20am           Cathair Taggart

                        Cormac Lagan

                        Ava Mullan

                        Darcy O’Neill



  • 1 adult per child
  • Fruit/veg snack
  • Water/milk drink