Monday, 31st August 2020 Weekly Note


A big welcome back is extended to all our pupils throughout the school, with a particular welcome to our new recruits. Joining us in P.1 are Aoibheann, J.R., Saoirse, Cormac, Oisin, Cathal, Caitlin, Aine, Anna, Ava, Darcy & Cathair along with Dylan in P.4. We extend a warm welcome to all pupils new and ‘established’, we hope and trust that you will have a very enjoyable and rewarding year ahead.

As always we encourage parents to play an active role in their child/children’s education and invite you to contact the teacher concerned should your child encounter any trouble ‘settling in’ or indeed at any time of the year. Unfortunately we must ask that, unless absolutely necessary, communication is done via telephone to keep external traffic to the school to an absolute minimum.


All children are looking resplendent in their new school sweaters and cardigans. May we ask you to take time to ensure that all children’s clothing is labelled so as to avoid any unnecessary confusion.


This is not always a topic we like to discuss but just a simple reminder to remain vigilant as to the possibility of the presence of lice in your child’s hair.


We respectfully ask that any monies being sent to the school be in a sealed envelope, with name and purpose of payment etc. clearly indicated. These envelopes will be placed in a marked tray in each classroom before being picked up later by Nuala. These envelopes will be retained by the school as ‘proof of payment’ so it is essential that these are clearly labelled so as to avoid unnecessary confusion. We also ask that weekly payments should be made in one instalment rather than on a daily basis and that payments are restricted from Monday to Wednesday.


Dinners are available in the school from tomorrow Tuesday, 1st September. Cost £2.60.

Payment by cheque for school dinners should be made out to E A Western Region.


For those children who wish to take milk, the cost for the term which takes us to Christmas is £11.50. Milk will begin on Thursday of this week.


A list of holidays can be found under the ‘information’ tab of our School App.


Anyone who may have changed mobile numbers over the summer holiday is asked to notify the school to ensure that our records are up to date and that the school text messages are going to the correct number.


We welcome along Deborah O’Kane, who joins us as a Classroom Assistant to deputise for Brenda. You’re very welcome Deborah.


We ask that all pupils bring a clearly labelled plastic water-bottle to school. Unfortunately we are no longer in a position to distribute cups as we would have done in the past and children do like to drink water throughout the day.


We apologise for the seemingly endless list of do’s and don’ts but appreciate your patience and support in our efforts to get school life back to something resembling normal. Ultimately, we are endeavouring to keep the entire school community safe and thank you for your wonderful co-operation thus far.