Monday, 26th November 2018 Weekly Note


Pupils in P.5-P.7 are off to Sacred Heart College on Thursday to see their presentation of the musical ‘School of Rock’. The show is anticipated to be finished for lunch-time but nevertheless it may be prudent for children to bring a packed lunch to school on Thursday as these things do have a habit of running late.  Cost for the show (including transport) is £4.


There will be an indoor Gaelic blitz on Friday morning at Omagh Leisure Centre for KS2 boys and girls. We trust all pupils involved will give a good account of themselves.


A number of bicycles still remain at the rear of the school since the last academic year. If these bicycles are not re-claimed before Christmas, they will be assumed to be unwanted and donated to some of our local charity shops.  If you live close to a past pupil of the school who has just left the school, please notify them of this, as obviously we would prefer that they are reclaimed by their owners.


Just a reminder that our ‘wrap around care’ service is available in the school from 7.45am to 4.15am. This is entirely flexible and whilst Melanie would appreciate numbers in advance, all individual daily visits are welcome.  This facility may extend to 6.00pm in the evening should the interest be there, but any interested parties are asked to speak to Melanie or notify the school in relation to this.