The school has a primary duty of care to ensure that all of our pupils remain safe during their time at Sacred Heart PS. The school does all it can to ensure that pupils’ safety is never compromised. Safeguarding is a standing item on the Board of Governors agenda for termly meetings while all staff and Governors receive appropriate training to ensure they are aware of their legislative responsibilities. Refresher training is availed of on a regular basis.The school has its own “Safeguarding Team” all of whom are fully trained.

The school is obliged to comply with current legislation and DENI recommendations and report any instances of suspected abuse to the appropriate authorities.

 The safeguarding team is as follows:


Designated Teacher:    Mr. J. McElholm

Deputy Designated Teacher:   Mrs A. Breen

Governor responsible for Child Protection:    Mrs Bernie Harkin

Chairperson of Governors:      Mrs Michelle Collins

Please find below list of policy documents which address some aspects of Safeguarding within our school: