Tuesday, 22nd November 2011 Weekly Note

22nd November 2011


We have a student teacher from St. Mary’s College visiting us on a week’s observation.  Mr Stephen Mullan, a 2nd year P.E. student, will be completing his teaching practice in Mrs Teague’s class in February next year and will use this week as part of the familiarisation process.  You are very welcome Stephen.


Tomorrow will be an exciting day for the school as we will have Mr Paul Godding visit our school for a day of Maths fun.  Paul is a very well known inventor of Mathematical Games, many of which are used in schools throughoutIrelandand theU.K.   Paul will conduct a series of workshops in each classroom with a view to promoting Maths as a fun learning activity.  The school have been extremely fortunate to secure Paul Godding in spite of his very tight calendar and we trust that the pupils will enjoy the workshops provided.


The recently formed after-school French Club has proved very popular.  Anyone (P6/P7) still wishing to join this club can do so.  Cost is £5 for lessons until Christmas.


The school has been asked to provide a choir for the annual Deceased GAA Members Mass on Friday night.  We would ask as many pupils as possible (P4-P7) to attend in their school uniform.  Exact details of time etc will be issued by text message later in the week.


A new school website has recently been developed to keep parents informed of what’s going on in the school.  It also has a selection of photographs of various visits and activities undertaken by the pupils.  Feel free to check out our website on www.sacredheartprimary.com


By now all families should have received a text message from the school.  The most recent message was issued on Friday last in relation to yesterday’s training day and closure.  If you have not received any message from the school please notify the school a.s.a.p. and enclose one priority mobile phone no. so that we can check our details.  We trust that this text messaging service is a useful tool in terms of enhancing communication between school and home but obviously with Christmas coming and mobile details possibly being amended it is important that we are notified of such changes to maximise the use of this service.


Dates have been finalised for this year’s Christmas plays.  In order to manage crowds effectively we will be following the same format as last year in that we will be splitting the KS1 and KS2 presentations.

Mrs Breen &Mrs Mellon’s classes                –           Tuesday, 13th December @ 1.30pm

Mrs Teague &Mr McElholm’s classes –           Wednesday, 14th December @ 7.30pm


The Parents’ Association have organised a trip for the whole school to the Millennium Forum on Friday, 6th January 2012 to the Pantomime.  This year’s Pantomime is the ever popular Cinderella.  Further details will follow.