Monday, 28th November 2011 Weekly Note

28th November 2011


Due to strike action by INTO and NIPSA Union members relating to ongoing pension issues, the school will be closed this Wednesday, 30th November.  In the highly unlikely event of this dispute being resolved before Wednesday, parents will be notified by text message.


Thanks to all members of our choir who attended Friday nights Deceased Members Mass in the GAA.  The contribution of our pupils enhanced the ceremony significantly and was commented upon by all in attendance.  Thanks too, for all our parents who ensured such a healthy turnout; your support is greatly appreciated.


Pupils in P.6/P.7 are currently studying the topic of Environmental Awareness and so it seems an appropriate time to tie in our annual ‘used clothes’ appeal.  Any old clothes, linen, curtains, shoes etc can be forwarded to the school for re-cycling and any subsequent funds raised will be forwarded to the school fund account.  The final date for collection of bags is Friday, 9th December but all appropriate details are on the bag and flier issued to your child today.


Pupils in P.6/P.7 are off to Tullyvar Landfill Site in Aughnacloy on Thursday morning as part of their Environmental Study.  As they will return for lunch-time, no different arrangements are necessary.


Pupils in P.7 are cordially invited toSacredHeartCollegeon Friday where they will get a sample of school life.  This always proves an extremely enjoyable day for pupils preparing to transfer schools.  Lunch will be provided for the pupils visiting the school.


The Gaelic Start Programme for P.1 to P.5 pupils begins this Wednesday evening (30th Nov.) from 6.00-7.00pm at the Ecclesville Centre, Fintona.  This first night is for parents only and all are warmly invited to come along and get involved.


We have been asked to use our weekly note to appeal for the whereabouts of a missing dog.  The dog concerned is a black and white Shetland Collie and has been missing since yesterday.  Anyone who thinks they have seen the dog is asked to contact Orlagh Baxter.


We have been asked to remind all interested parties about the annual GAA Bazaar being held in the club this Saturday night, doors open from 8pm.  All welcome.

A copy of this note plus other up-to-date information and photographs of school life can be accessed on our school website