Monday, 20th October 2014 Weekly Note



Good luck to our football team who travel to the Station Centre to participate in an indoor Gaelic Blitz on Wednesday morning. Hopefully our team can put in a good performance in this inaugural competition organised by St. Conor’s P.S.



The school will be visited by a member of the Dog’s Trust on Thursday morning. The purpose of the visit is to present a workshop to educate pupils on how to behave around dogs and in doing so, hopefully allay any fears or phobias they might have. The presenter will be bringing along a dog which is specially trained for such events but should you have any concerns or require any clarification on this aspect of the school visit, feel free to contact the school.



Pupils in Mrs Breen’s room will have a special visitor on Friday morning. ‘Genevieve the Goat’ will be putting on a presentation on healthy lifestyles on behalf of Cancer Focus and doubtless this will prove a novel and fun experience for the pupils involved.



Following last year’s successful Christmas Craft Fayre, the Parents’ Association are organising another one this year on Sunday, 7th December. Should you be interested in taking a stall, or are aware of anyone who might be, please contact either Colette McCann (078 8205 6811) or Jayne McCann (078 1071 4451) for further details.



As has been the tradition in recent years, the children will be invited to dress up in fancy dress next Tuesday (28th Oct.) before commencing our Halloween break. Please do not feel under pressure to go to any expense for this; it is purely a bit of fun for the pupils with no prizes or competitive aspect to the venture. Further details will be issued next Monday.



Following the success of last year’s ‘Shoebox Appeal’ for children in the poorest countries of the world, it has been decided to run the venture again this year. Your child has received a leaflet outlining the programme and stating what types of items are suitable or unsuitable. A collection date for the appeal has been arranged for Wednesday, 19th November. Your support will be greatly appreciated.



There is a change in arrangements for Parent Teacher meetings this year. In previous years this meeting would have been held on a day during the Halloween period. This year, however, we will be holding the meetings after school, over the period of a week, later in the year. Needless to say, if you need to speak to your child’s teacher about anything, do not feel that you must wait until the Parent Teacher meeting to do so.